Embedr for Custom Video Playlists

My YouTube channel is where I post ALL my videos:  commercial production, contest entries, stuff I do just for fun… And for quite some time, I’d been looking for an easy way to build a playlist featuring just some portfolio pieces, and post it “Widget-style” on my website, so that potential clients can view the spot for Rocky Knoll Golf Course, without having to suffer through “Disguising the Groceries.”

I discovered a great tool a few weeks ago, which I saw being used on the website of a colleague of mine in Atlanta, Rick Griffin of Le Voyage Productions.  Behold, Embedr!


Until recently, due to my somewhat average tech savvy, I’d only been able to embed YouTube videos one at a time, and stack them one-by-one on my home page.  It took up a ton of page space, and it didn’t look very good.

But I found Embedr to be pretty easy to use.  It’s free to sign up for an account, similar to YouTube.  It’s clean looking, and it stacks up my videos in the familiar “Cover Flow” layout of iTunes.  Building a playlist is easy — just enter the URL’s of the videos you want to include, click “Save Playlist,” and you’re done.  Then, you just copy and paste the HTML code for the Embedr widget, and voila, it shows up on your website.

Bottom line, great tool.Build your own custom video playlist at embedr.com

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