How Memorable Are Your Ads?

My all-time favorite advertising quote comes from William Bernbach:

“Properly practiced creativity can make one ad do the work of ten.”

That one statement pretty much answers the question, “How do I maximize return on my advertising expenditure?”

While it’s true that frequency of message does play a big part in your campaign’s success, a powerful, salient, creative memorable message will only add to the strength of that campaign, so you can make a more lasting impression with fewer ads.

We produced this TV spot to air, you guessed it, only once, during the UMaine/BU hockey game on cable in the Bangor, Maine market.  I’ll be following up this post with another one after the Feb 12th air date to keep you updated on what the response might be…

So, answer honestly:  Will people remember your business, even if your commercial only airs once?

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