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Regular visitors to this site may have noticed some pretty major design changes lately.

The bad news is, we don’t really HAVE a lot of regular visitors to this site.  The good news, though, is that these new design changes are part of a plan to change that. We’ve merged the old Slater’s Garage site with the old Slater’s Garage blog, which has until recently been hosted for free by WordPress.

We recently opted for a self-hosted blog, and we picked up a new WordPress theme called Headway. Their latest 3.0 version has just been released, and we’ll be using it as the central design application for the new Slater’s Garage website.  It’s unbelievably simple to install, and the drag-and-drop design format makes it even easier to use. Plus, because we opted for the Developer license, we’ll also soon be able to help some of our clients improve their blogs and expand their social media presence.

Headway Themes — The Drag & Drop WordPress Theme

That being said, there’s still a bit of a learning curve as we find our way around the new Theme.  But, again, the good news is, we’re learning a lot in a very short time, and we’re finding out that the Headway theme plays a huge part in making that learning curve much more gentle.

We invite you to visit us in the coming weeks to see the re-design as it takes place, and we also invite you to visit a couple of the other blogs we manage — Stay Home and Eat, and The Sales Vitamin — both of which are also in the process of being remodeled with Headway as well.

Expanding into this media space is a huge deal for us, and we’re looking forward to the journey. Thanks to the gang at Headway for producing this amazing blogging tool, and thanks to you for your patience during our renovation.


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