How to Deal With “Difficult” Clients

Have you ever spoken with or met with a potential client who had a reputation of being “difficult,” but after the meeting, you found that was not the case at all? That the perception didn’t fit the reality?

At least in my business interactions, no one has ever been as “difficult” as other people had warned me about.  If you’re running into “difficult” clients, maybe the difficulty is on your end.

When you talk to that difficult client, are you talking about their “thing,” or your thing?

Are you interested – genuinely interested — in them, their business, and their challenges? Or are you trying to interest them in yours?

Are you talking about what’s important to them, or are you talking about your sales package, your features, and yourself?

Like Mia asked Vincent in Pulp Fiction: Do you listen?  Or do you wait to talk?

I think you’ll find the more you listen, the fewer of those “difficult” clients you’ll run into.

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