Animation Solution for Education

Last year, Slater’s Garage undertook our most sizable project to date. It took just about all of 2011 to complete, and it was a huge success for us.  The Illinois Real Estate Education Foundation had initially asked us about updating their educational website, which they’d developed to teach middle- and high-schoolers about fiscal responsibility. This was before we knew very much about web design, so we offered another solution.

We developed a 6-part cartoon series covering topics like Debt, Long-Term Saving, Buying a Car or a House, and the implications of frivolous Credit Card use:



People in their 30’s and 40’s may find these videos quite reminiscent of the old Schoolhouse Rock shorts from our childhood, and that’s by design.  I always loved those pieces, because they worked so well as educational material. They were memorable, short, entertaining, and most importantly, they aired constantly amidst Saturday morning cartoons on ABC.  And “catchy and frequent” is always a formula for “memorable.”  So our goal with this project was to emulate those traits as much as we could while still making sure the lessons were clear and concise.

Special thanks to John Hill, who partnered with me on this project

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