“Is This a Good Ad?”

This question can’t be answered until after the ad has run, and we go back to the client to find out if sales are up, or foot traffic in the store has increased, or web traffic has improved.

If the ad worked, it was a good ad.

That’s the only measure.

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2 Responses to “Is This a Good Ad?”

  1. I have been in the radio advertising business for over 20 years and I am still wondering why one ad works and another doesn’t. Sometimes the ones that I myself think are absolute winners don’t work at all and the ones that I think were just basic announcements not even worth calling ads were the ones that caused the clients door hinges to be replaced due to enormous traffic.

    Often the ads that are considered good are good entertainment but they don’t help the client make more money. Many times people are too interested in the jokes. Sometimes, when the advertiser is not the market leader and the listeners can’t remember who’s ad it was they may think it was their more known competitors ad, which is the worst case.

    I have said many times to my clients that if I knew which ads are good ones I wouldn’t be here any longer. I would be on a tropical island sipping exotic drinks from a coconut.