Your Advertising Should Be a Mirror, Not a Window


As you prepare the next round of creative for your business’ advertising campaign, here’s something to think about to help you craft your message. Treat your advertising as a mirror, and let your customers envision themselves in your store, using your product or service.

Many ads “feature” a business’ storefront, its shelves, its selection of products, its employees, its owner, and so on. And many ads “feature” what the business does. These ads work as wonderful windows into the business they’re advertising. But ads like this don’t address one of the most important questions your customer needs answered: “What’s in it for me?”

Instead of letting your customers see you, let them see themselves. Envision your ideal customer – not a demographic, or age group, but one actual customer – then create advertising about that person. Use language and imagery in your advertising that mirrors the customer profile you’ve identified. If you want to reach men of a certain age, show those men in your ad. If you want to reach women in a certain demographic, be sure you write ad copy using language that speaks to those women in a way that’s relatable to them.

Then you’ll have created an ad that’s a reflection (See what I did there?) of how life will be better for someone who uses your service, or shops at your store.

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One Response to Your Advertising Should Be a Mirror, Not a Window

  1. I’d argue that it should be both a mirror and a window. That customers should not just see themselves in your business, but a better version of themselves.