Animation Showcase: Green Acres Kennel Shop

This week, we finished up a project for Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, Maine. Green Acres recently revamped their website, and are promoting it with a new website “Treasure Hunt.”

Once again, we called on animated spokes-pets Rex, Sparky, and Fiona to get the word out:

The above piece will be used on the Green Acres website, and shared across online channels. Additionally, we prepared a :30 version that will air on TV with Time Warner Cable.

The characters and animation were developed using Anime Studio Pro version 8, based on characters originally created for Green Acres’ radio advertising campaign.  Character voices were generously provided by my go-to male and female VO people, Thom Osborne and Kelly Slater.

Does your business’ personality lend itself to an animated character? Pet-related businesses like Green Acres often fit this kind of approach, but what about other types of businesses? Sure, if that’s the personality and the voice with which you’d like to speak to your customers. We’ve created unique characters, cartoons and animation for businesses ranging from music stores to money lenders, and literally from soup to nuts.

Interested? Let’s talk.  Maybe an animated character would be just the thing to give your business that unique voice it needs!

At Slater’s Garage Ads & Audio, we help small businesses put a unique voice to their marketing through a combination of audio, video and social media. To find out how we can help you bring your marketing to life, contact us today.

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