Client Profile: Lori Kleiman, HR Topics

We recently completed a blog/website design for the Chicago-based consulting firm HR Topics. The project began when owner Lori Kleiman contracted Slater’s Garage to videotape and edit a couple speaking engagements in Phoenix and Tucson in November. During the filming and editing process, Lori and I spoke at length about how she’d planned to use YouTube to host and distribute her videos. This led to discussion about other online marketing possibilities, how her current site was working, and possible plans for a site “facelift.”

Blog Header 1

We agreed that the best plan was to build a site that was flexible, scalable, and easy for Lori to update herself, so she wouldn’t have to contact me every time something needed to be added, removed, or edited. WordPress fit the bill perfectly. If you’re not familiar, WordPress is a blog platform, for which there are many free design and hosting options. But, for those willing to spread their creative wings a bit, many self-hosted WordPress sites have design themes are highly customizable, such as Headway, the one I’ve used for designs in the past, including my own site.

Much of the content, logos, and artwork were moved from the old site, and more features were added based on what Lori and I discussed at the start of the project. We added a separate page for Lori’s blog, and installed plugins — added applications — that allowed easy integration of features like an e-mail subscription form, links to Lori’s other social channels, and YouTube videos.

HRTopics Home Page

Because of the flexibility of WordPress, and of HeadwayThemes, as HR Topics grows, so can the functionality of the site. For example, when Lori writes her next book, we can easily add a page to the site, complete with online shopping cart Plugin, so customers can buy her book directly from the site. When the project was nearly finished, Lori and I spent some time going over the WordPress “Dashboard” and admin section, where I showed her how to add Pages, add images, write blog posts, and even do a little basic coding. Now, when new content needs to be added, Lori can log in and update her site at a moment’s notice, and at her convenience.

One of my favorite things in my business life is beginning new partnerships and projects like the one I’ve begun with Lori at HR Topics. There’s nothing like talking with another business owner, learning about who they are and what they do, and helping them solve their media challenges. Thanks to Lori for the opportunity.

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