About Slater’s Garage

The original Slater’s Garage in Woodridge, NY

I’m Brett Slater, and Slater’s Garage Ads & Audio is a media development company that helps small businesses put a clear voice to their marketing.

For some of our clients, that means writing and producing commercials for a radio or TV campaign.  For others, we may help them produce a podcast, a blog, or screencast or tutorial video for their website. And for others, we may work with them to develop and implement a social media strategy. But in each case, the common denominator is that we bring your marketing to life by helping you find and use your own unique voice in the marketplace.

I founded Slater’s Garage in 2005 as an audio production company specializing in voiceover and radio production. As the face of marketing and advertising has grown in the 21st century, Slater’s Garage has grown as well, expanding our services to include video production, cartoons and animation, and social media consulting.

I hold a B.S. in Advertising from Boston University (well, I don’t actually hold it; it’s on the wall in my office), and have 15+ years experience in the radio industry, having worked as a disc jockey and producer in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York. When not working on media projects, I can usually be found working on my golf game. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona with my wife Kelly.  I have a 12 handicap.