Client Profile: Lori Kleiman, HR Topics

We recently completed a blog/website design for the Chicago-based consulting firm HR Topics. The project began when owner Lori Kleiman contracted Slater’s Garage to videotape and edit a couple speaking engagements in Phoenix and Tucson in November. During the filming and editing process, Lori and I spoke at length about how she’d planned to use… Continue Reading

Glenn Beck Talks Advertising with BTIG Research

Glenn Beck did a great interview last week, but it wasn’t a typical Glenn Beck interview. Wherever you stand with him politically, if you’re in business, or in advertising, and you can put aside the politics, there’s a lot to learn here. Beck is a hugely successful media developer, due in no small part to… Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Computer Clean and Virus-Free

I just finished reading an article about the latest e-mail virus threat, called “CryptoLocker.” It’s a new thing called “ransomware,” which essentially encrypts your computer’s files, and holds them hostage until you pay (via anonymous methods of course) to have your files “unlocked” and the virus uninstalled. You can get the details on the virus… Continue Reading

The Ten Commandments of Album Oriented Rock

As a huge classic rock fan, and former classic rock radio DJ, I’ve gotten very used to album rock, and I much prefer the full album-length versions of songs, as opposed to their radio-edit counterparts. Additionally, there are often medleys or two-song couplets on rock albums that I believe should never be played separately. For… Continue Reading

Animation Showcase: Green Acres Kennel Shop

This week, we finished up a project for Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor, Maine. Green Acres recently revamped their website, and are promoting it with a new website “Treasure Hunt.” Once again, we called on animated spokes-pets Rex, Sparky, and Fiona to get the word out: The above piece will be used on the… Continue Reading