Olivieri Pasta
Olivieri’s parent company, Maple Leaf Foods, was in search of a continuing storyline for their animated “Make Mondays Special” campaign. Here’s what we offered, based on design concepts provided by the client.


San Diego Zoo
One of our most recent animation projects was this submission to ‘s Assignment for the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy. The goal was to raise awareness and encourage support for the foundation, and its slogan, “Bringing Species Back from the Brink of Extinction.” Our approach was to portray the foundation as a kind of dating service for endangered animals:


ACE Cash Express
ACE Cash Express wanted a TV commercial that would air specifically in the greater Dallas area during Texas Rangers baseball games. To target this specific area of programming, we wrote and recorded our own version of “Take Me Out to The Ballgame,” that depicted situations when you might “need some cash in a hurry.”


Green Acres Kennel Shop
For several years, Rex and Sparky were the “spokes-dogs” for Green Acres Kennel Shop’s radio advertising campaign, created and voiced by Thom Osborne, a long-time friend and collaborator of ours. We designed these two cartoon characters and added a third, Fiona the Cat, to appear in their video, print, and other promotional materials. This commercial was part of a charity campaign to vote for your favorite “candidate” for Governor:

PHD Consulting
PHD Consulting — a web design and hosting company — asked us to develop a web video to showcase their web design package for grocery stores that are part of the Associated Grocers of New England. Rather than just an ordinary web video screencast/site tour, we created Larry, an animated “grocer” character to show viewers the websites: