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Whiteboard Video for the Illinois Association of REALTORS®

Since around 2008, Slater’s Garage has enjoyed an incredible partnership with the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and their Political Action Committee. Recently they contacted us to produce a print/video package that would help IAR members explain property taxes simply to current and future Illinois property owners. Our idea (which was a new one for us) was one of those “whiteboard” videos that you’ve seen more and more of lately.

They’re pretty common these days, because they’re an extremely compelling medium, especially if you have a complicated premise that needs to be explained simply. We wrote the script based on information the client provided, recorded the audio track, and then added the images and animation using software from Sparkol called “VideoScribe.” The client was pleased with the outcome, and I was pleased with the performance of the scribe software.

Maybe you’re a brand-new startup who needs to tell people about your company or service. Maybe you’re an existing company with a new facet to your company, and you need to show your existing customers what’s new. Or maybe you need to tell your story for a 30-second commercial to air on TV.  Whatever the case, if you need to explain part of your business to your current or future customers, a “whiteboard” explainer video like the one above may be just the thing.

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