Video Production

TV Commercials

While there’s no denying that web video is a quickly-emerging marketing option, we believe there’s still tremendous value in the traditional 30-second commercial, to air on either broadcast or cable TV (or ideally both!).  We’ll work with you to develop a single commercial, or several ads as part of a campaign. And no matter what approach you choose, be it straightforward, humorous, musical, animated, or all of the above, we’ll produce commercials for your business that are unique, memorable, and best of all, effective. Some recent examples of our work are listed below.

Web Video

Video for your website allows you to strengthen the connection with your current and future customers, and engage your site’s visitors at a deeper level than you could with just words on a page. You can use web video to introduce yourself, share customers’ stories, show your product or service, take viewers on a tour of your store, you name it!  In the example below, we helped persuasive communication expert Dean Brenner use a series of web videos to talk about the unique aspects of his coaching firm, The Latimer Group:

Screencasts, Website Tours, & Explainer Videos

“How To” videos are a very popular type of online video. They allow you to populate your website with yet another type of content, plus they offer useful information to your site’s visitors, such as tours of your site, or tutorials on how to use a particular product, service, or application.  Below is an example of a “Whiteboard video” we wrote and produced for the Illinois Association of REALTORS. Animated Whiteboard videos are a compelling medium to make an otherwise complicated topic  — like how Illinois property taxes work — more easily understood.