Hire Us

for hireAt Slater’s Garage, we help small businesses tell their story, in their voice. Your customers will choose to buy from you because you tell them a story that helps them feel a connection to you. So we’ll help you define three things:

1)  What story do you want to tell? — Maybe it’s a personal story, or a story about what makes your business stand out among your competitors, or a story of how you helped a customer solve a problem. But it will be a story that’s unique to your business.

2)  What’s your business’ “voice?” – Tone, style, and message will all play a part in how we tell your business’ story. Funny, serious, sad, emotional? It depends on your identity as a business, and what will resonate with your customers.

3)  Where will we share your story?  — We’ll use radio, TV, the web, or social media (and likely a combination of these). We’ll figure out where your customers focus their attention and spend their time, and share your story there.

Once we identify those three key aspects, we’ll work with you to develop and distribute media content that strengthens your connection with your customers in a meaningful and authentic way.

It costs nothing to reach out and talk to us, so let’s get started!